The Digitization of Just About Everything

Digital resources are different than the traiditional ones economically. It is mentioned in the essay how they are non-rival and how their cost of reproduction is almost close to zero. It then poses the question about what are the products that can be replaced by their digital substitutes and what cannot be replaced; what are the traditional products that are going to disappear due to their opponents’ almost-close-to-zero reproduction cost; and what are the traditional products that are going to be much more valuable than how it is now since they cannot be digitalized?

The study sofa

I was not sure what I want to do for my final porject since I have several ideas in my mind. However, I want it to be practical. As a resident assitant, I would therefore like to create a project that can be used by my floor residents. The floor lounge seems to be a place where is communal and can be utilized. So, what is in the lounge? A sofa!! I would therefore like to create an interactive experience that is tied to the sofa. The sofa shall be the center piece of this final project.

What I would like is that there are places where you sit on that triggers a projection of scenary. I would also like to have a comfy blanket on the sofa that people can interact with and thus manipulate the scenary. I vision the changes of scenaries will be triggered by movement on the sofa or wieght difference.

The equipments I need will be:

Arduino, laptop, blanket, a Linda Arduino perhaps(the one that will be on fabrics), and a sensor that measures weight or movement. I would also need a projector.

I think the complicated parts will be, firstly, to sense the fidgeting movement from the people who sit on the sofa. Secondly, the hard part will be to make several animated scenaries. The reason I chose the first one is that, normally, the sensor fluctuates a lot and it is very hard to spot precisely the movement of the person sitting on the sofa. The reason for the second complication is animating background is never easy. I have to let things, like leaves or snowflakes drop.

able-body focused design

The seek for functionality as the first priority for the prosthetics or the pursuit to imitate human body as accurate as possible for cosmetic limbs come from an able-body centered viewpoint. The current dssign aim of prosthetics that should be as similar as accurate as the human body emphasizes a pursuit to look like an able body. However, this strengthens the able body as the unmarked and the disabled body as the marked. Establishing their own pursuit through their choices of design is important for them to start recenter themselves as the center.

Robot Code


Game Code


Response to Casey Reas’ talk

This talk brings me to some parts of the world which I find the cities chaotic…

What is the order in it, that I enjoy the chaos? Is there a difference between chaos created by lines, dots, colors on an art piece and by human being in the reality canvas? How does orderly chaos and chaotic chaos influences the way of perception differently, which further influences the psychological and physiological response from us? Is there an inherent order in human structures? Is that why what I perceive as a chaotic chaos is so enjoyable?

They say the universe is just going to become less and less orderly and more and more chaotic, physically speaking. Will I still find beauty in this chaos thousands years after?

Recreate an old computer art design

The Original Art:

The Recreated Art:

Problems encountered:

Due to the fact that I seperated the creation of repetitive rectangles, I cannot check the borders so that the rectangles do not get out of the grid.

Two codes (slef portrait+classes/objects)

I wanted to do an constant-resizing of multiple of hearts; however, it didn’t succeed. I am still trying to figure out how to resize it. For now, there is only a multitude of hearts that is generated with random color, as well as a selected amount of hearts.

My code for my self-portrait could not be recovered due to the fact that my laptop cannot use Processing due to its slow computing speed and I didn’t save the code on the IM lab’s laptop becuase I didn’t think the code is needed…

Responses to Hamilton

bracket=[ “for doing what you enjoy, even though you might be the odd one in the sea of “guys” in the tech industry;”, “for not believing in the myth that there is only one way to be a mother, thank you for raising your child in the lab;”, “for have not put your husband’s law degree in front of your own desire and dream.”]

Dear Margaret,

for (int=I; I<=3; I++){

print( “Thank you” + bracket[I])