Shooting Game – Final Project Documentation

Materials Used:

  • Joystick
  • Five wires
  • Prototyping shield
  • Laser cut box


My final project was a shooting game which was controlled by a joystick. The movement of the player was controlled by the left, right, up and down movements of the joystick and the shooting was controlled by the push of the joystick button. The joystick acted as two potentiometers and a push button. The game consists of a shooter and objects that are to be shot down by collision and pushing the joystick button. The joystick was mounted onto a laser cut box.  Here is the schematics for the joystick:



As a quick note, the resistor for the joystick connects to 5V instead of ground and a push of the switch corresponds to 0 while a release corresponds to 1. This is different from the usual switches we worked with in class.

  • Here are photos of my prototyping shield, joystick, soldering and mounting:

  • Here is the code to my project
  • Arduino code:


  • Processing Code:


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