Rooster Alarm – Midterm

Description of Project/ Overall concept: 

This project aims to serve like an alarm clock. It is a rooster house clock that responds to different degrees of light. In complete darkness (at night time), the LEDs are off, and the rooster stays inside the house. In medium lighting (when you want your first alarm to ring), the LEDs begin to light up at medium speed, in full brightness (when you really really need to get out of bed), the rooster and the LEDs go at maximum speed.

Materials Used: 

  1. Card board boxes
  2. Spray paint (red, green, yellow)
  3. Wood Stick
  4. Stress ball
  5. Fake eyes
  6. Feathers
  7. Tape
  8. 10 LEDs (yellow, blue, green)
  9. 10 330 ohms resistors
  10.  Photosensor
  11. 1 10k ohms resistor
  12. 1 Piezo Speaker
  13. 16 Wires (stranded and single)
  14. Pins
  15. string




Rooster Midterm

Problems Remaining: 

  1. If I had more time, I would try to discover how to link an actual clock to the sensor if that is possible. So when the time shift, the intensity of the rooster also shifts.
  2. Also, I would add more speeds and add more effects to the LEDs to make a more aesthetic effect.
  3. My remaining problem is that my rooster still sometimes goes off the board. It sometimes falls off as a result of the intensity of the movement, and its hard to suspend it any other way because anything else disrupts its movement.

Amazed Classmate: 

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